The 2014 Budget Bulletin is now available.

The 2014 Budget Bulletin is intended to serve as a reference tool to assist you in preparing your municipal budget. This year’s publication is once again a joint effort on behalf of PSAB’s Research and the Events and Information Services departments.

If your county has had a reassessment of real estate in 2013 there are restrictions on increasing real estate taxes and revenues that result from the real estate taxes.According to the Taxation Manual from DCED, boroughs in Fourth – Eighth Class Counties, are required to reduce their millage the first year so that their millage does not exceed 105%.  This is called an anti-windfall provision.

Please note that at the time of this publication we know that there is information that you want BUT that the state or federal governments have yet to release or make available to us. As soon as we receive such information we will notify you and post it here on the 2014 Budget Bulletin.

Update 12 September 2013:  For 2014 MMO’s Act 205 Sate Aid; State Aid Unit is $3,884.36/unit – 2 units for police personnel and 1 unit for non-uniform.

The minimum municipal obligation is based on the latest actuarial valuation report prepared under the requirements of Chapter 2 of the act (53 P. S. § § 895.201—895.208). When an actuarial valuation report has been prepared but not transmitted to the municipality, the municipality may utilize data extracted from that actuarial valuation report. The extracted data shall be compiled in a written document and certified by the actuary engaged to prepare the actuarial valuation report. If the data contained in the actuarial valuation report subsequently filed with the Commission differ from the extracted data previously certified and used to determine the minimum municipal obligation, the data resulting in the higher minimum municipal obligation will be applied in determining compliance with the actuarial funding standard.

UPDATE 17 September 2013: No employer penalties for lack of exchange notice

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), an employer subject to the Fair Labor Standards Act must provide a written notice to current employees about the Health Insurance Marketplace (the “Exchange Notice”) by October 1, 2013, and for those hired on or after October 1, within 14 days of the employee’s date of hire. Employers have been working hard to meet this deadline.

On September 11, 2013, the U.S. Department of Labor unexpectedly announced that there will be no fine or penalty imposed on employers that fail to provide the Exchange Notice. The ACA generally imposes a $100-per-day penalty for noncompliance, and many had assumed that this penalty would apply to employers who fail to provide the Exchange Notice. Now, the Department of Labor has stated there will be no fine or penalty under the law for failing to provide the Exchange Notice, although it encourages compliance.

While this is good news, we still encourage clients to send the Exchange Notice to current employees by October 1, if possible, so as to be compliant with applicable law.

UPDATE September 26, 2014

Thanks to Kelley Kuffman an attorney with McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC, in Harrisburg, we were provide a checklist that highlights key compliance areas of Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA”) for 2013- 2014



In the 2014 publication you will find:

    Hyperlinks to various state and federal agencies (accurate at press time)
    Actual budgeting work sheets
    The Chart of Accounts (and links to other state publications)
    A budget schedule
    How to calculate millage
    Plus more!

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following state agencies: the Departments of Transportation, Community and Economic Development, Revenue, and General Services, the Auditor General’s Office, the State Treasurer, and the Public Employees Retirement Commission.

If you still need assistance or have any questions about preparing your budget, please don’t hesitate to contact Shelley Houk, Director of Research: 1-800-232-7722 extension 1018 or by email at shouk, or  E.J. Knittel, Senior Director, Education and Sustainability 1-800-232-7722 extension 1027 or by email at  eknittel. Also please remember to check PSAB’s web site to see the schedule for budgeting and other informative classes.


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